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Our Work

Span Learning is developing path-making learning initiatives built on collaboration and technology. We are relentless about putting students at the center of our efforts—connecting all the assets in their lives in support of engagement and learning.

Our approach is informed by extensive on-the-ground experience and is supported by a professional network at the leading edges of education and youth development. We are working with school, community, and technology partners across the nation to advance education innovation and entrepreneurship informed by practice.

Span Learning works with a range of clients to:

  • Develop initiatives that engage entire communities with schools to boost student outcomes and create a community culture of education success.
  • Facilitate community-wide partnerships to increase internet access and digital literacy, positioning local efforts to tap into the coming infusion of national resources for connectivity.
  • Create service and volunteer partnerships, powered by technology, to improve Attendance, Behavior and school culture, Course performance, and College access (the ABCs).
  • Facilitate student-centric initiatives that use and share data to advance engagement and learning.
  • Advise schools and community-based organizations on education technology initiatives that maximize limited resources and are not linked to a pre-defined technology solution.
  • Engage families in education initiatives, with the help of collaborative technology.
  • Develop and execute plans to secure financial and in-kind resources from a spectrum of sources.
  • Create communications and marketing strategies that catalyze the engagement of entire communities in education initiatives.



Michael Robbins is the founder of Span Learning, a national initiative that advances student engagement and learning through education partnerships and technology. Before launching Span Learning, Michael served most recently as a senior advisor at the U.S. Department of Education where he led the signature initiative for the Department and the White House on community partnerships to propel school improvement. He has a deep understanding of how technology can advance school, family and community partnerships; and how these partnerships can unleash the full potential of the digital learning revolution.

Michael’s approach is informed by his extensive experience with schools, families, youth and community-based organizations–including work in some of the nation’s most challenged communities. He has served as a senior leader at The SEED Foundation, FIRST, and the Shriver Center, and helped launch AmeriCorps.

Transformative technologies have been an integral part of his work, going back to sixth grade when he wrote his first computer program to make Dungeons & Dragons characters for his friends.


Span Learning partners with an accomplished team with a wide-ranging experience and expertise.