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Introducing Span Learning

July 8, 2014 | By | No Comments

Technology is rapidly changing the education landscape, and schools are making decisions that will affect the course of learning for years to come. These digital transitions present an urgent challenge: We must ensure that education technology initiatives do not simply evolve as digital versions of the status quo. We have an opportunity to create fundamentally different collaborative models of student-centered learning that advance engagement, support academic success, build skills and foster lifelong curiosity and critical thinking.

How we use technology for learning is particularly critical for our nation’s historically disadvantaged students, who have often been denied access to a world-class education because of race, family income or zip code. Meaningful digital transitions have the power to narrow the persistent achievement gaps many of these students have endured, while closing the opportunity gaps as well.

This is why we have launched Span Learning: to advance student engagement and learning through education partnerships and technology.  We put students at the center of a world of learning that spans across schools, families and communities.

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