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Who owns your education data?

October 3, 2014 | By | One Comment

I received notice today of updates to LinkedIn’s terms of service.  My favorite line:

“Who owns your content? You do.”

We should be able to say the same thing about student education data.

The dominant notion is that schools own education records instead of students and families.  We need a similar “Terms of Service” agreement for schools that encourages students and their families to own their education data and use it to advance learning.  Just like with LinkedIn, students should have ready access to their data and be active co-creators of their education records.  They should be able to export their data from systems and be able to share information wherever or whenever they’d like.

With the huge investments in edtech, let’s make sure developing these capabilities and practices is a priority.



  1. Scott Genzer

    Dept of Ed is coming out soon with “Model Terms of Service” out of its PTAC group. Stay tuned.

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